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Add-mailboxpermission vs Add-AdPermission Part 1

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Recently I have seen an increase of questions related to setting permissions with Exchange 2007 so I decided to write this blog about the 2 commands that will be used to assign permissions. Add-mailboxpermission vs Add-adpermission Lets start by taking a look at the Add-MailboxPermission, as this cmdlet states […]

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401 Error when attempting Test-OutlookWebServices

Some users have been recieving 401 Error when attempting to run Test-OutlookWebServices from the CAS server. The below articles talks about why IIS returns this error. You can test this by attemtping to access the server in the following way: https://netbiosname/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml :It will prompt for credentials. After prompting a couple of times we get […]

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Exchange 2007 SP1

Exchange 2007 Sp1 will add some new features to Exchange 2007 as well as bring back some features that did not make it into the RTM version of Exchange 2007. One of the pre reqs to Exchange 2007 sp1 will be the requirement of Windows 2003 Sp2 installed on the machine that will running Exchange […]

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Exchange 2007 Autodiscover Service Part 1

*Updated March 16 2008* A new feature in Exchange 2007 is autodiscover service which is required for users running Outlook 2007 to get many features like OOF, OAB, to function in an Exchange 2007 envrionment. In my opionon this cool new feature is one of the number 1 problems people encounter during set up. For […]

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NLB and Hub Transport

Exchange 2007 RTM does not support NLB of the Hub Transport role however this will most likely change in SP1 How can you NLB the Hub role ? By default Exchange hub server create 2 recieve connectors— Client (ServerName)— Default (ServerName) The Default connector is used for all messages that will pass through the hub […]

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Exchange 2007 Public Folder Management

Exchange 2007 has a number of changes that have been made from Exchange 2003. One big change is the way public folders are to be managed with RTM version of Exchange 2007. There are 3 methods that can be used to manage public folders: 1. Exchange management Shell2. Exchange public folder Dav Admin (PFDAVAdmin) Keep […]

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