Below is a script that will run and get a report of how many user have used active sync to connec to thier mailbox.

Please check against the screen shost as characters get lost in the post

#Mobile Report#This script will get the number of user that have used mobile devices to

#sync. There could be more than 1 device per users#

#this clears the screenclear-host

write-host -fore yellow “Please wait as the system runs the report this will take a few moments”
#Gets the count of user$data=(Get-mailbox -resultsize:unlimited % {Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -mailbox $_.alias})

write-output “`nCurrently devices have synced with the system”

#Gets the count

write-output $data.count
#This prints out the user identity which say the email address and device usedwrite-host -fore Green “`nThe following users have synced with the system”$data ft identity

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