Modifying the ISA Login Form

If the default ISA server login page is not appropriate for your organization, you can modify it by replacing a few images, and editing some of the strings in a few key files. This document will help identify which images and which files need to be modified.

Please note that after making changes to the appropriate files, the ISA firewall Service will need to be stopped and then restarted for the changes to take effect. This will cause a temporary system outage if it is in use.

Location of Files to be Modified

The files that need to be modified can be located at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\CookieAuthTemplates\ISA\HTML

Note that there will be a few different folders under the ISA subfolder

· cHTML (for i-mode mobile browsers)

· xHTML (for Windows Mobile clients)

· HTML (for standard web browser clients)

This document focuses on modifying the standard (HTML) web browser forms login.

Make Backups

Make backup copies of the following files in the HTML folder:

· lgntop.gif

· lgnbottom.gif

· lglnleft.gif

· lgnright.gif

· logon_style.css

· usr_pwd.htm

· \nls\en\strings.txt

Change the default images for the ISA Forms

Below is the layout of the images included with the out-of-the-box ISA form:


You can replace the ISA default images with your own. This will change the border images around the input fields, but you still have to change the background color (assuming you don’t like the default background color).

Changing the Background Color

You can change the background color by modifying the style sheet logon_style.css

Find the section that reads:






And replace the background color with the hex code of the color of your choosing.

The example below changes the background color from white (#ffffff) to gray (#C0C0C0)



background-color:# C0C0C0;



To insert a custom image, you could use the following example, substituting new_background_img.jpg with your own custom background image.





background-image: url(“/CookieAuth.dll?GetPic?formdir=@@FORMDIR&image=new_background_img.jpg”);

background-repeat: repeat;


Changing the Text

You can modify the text of the form by modifying the strings.txt file. This is located at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\CookieAuthTemplates\ISA\HTML\nls\en

Note that this is modifying the English language text strings. For other languages, similar modifications will need to be made to other strings.txt files under the appropriate language folder.

All of the text and login options are presented in the strings.txt file.

For example, you can change the text of the logon button and the window title by modifying the following strings from:

L_LoginButton_Text=”Log On”

L_WindowTitle_Text=”Microsoft ISA Server 2006″


L_LoginButton_Text=”Sign Me In!”

L_WindowTitle_Text=”Our Internal Corporate System”

Changing the Page Layout

The file usr_pwd.htm governs the layout and structure of the ISA login page. You can modify the table layouts or to remove extraneous horizontal lines. You should not need to make many major changes to this page.

Updating the Login Page

When all of your modifications are completed, you need to copy your files back to the ISA Server, replacing all the files you modified. Again, be sure to have a backup of the files that were modified or replaced.

Copy all the images, Style Sheet, and HTML files to – you should not have to put back here, just need to modify the listener to use whatever location.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\CookieAuthTemplates\ISA\HTML\

If you have decided to use a custom background image, be sure to copy that as well.

Copy the strings.txt file to:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\CookieAuthTemplates\ISA\HTML\nls\en

When done replacing files, you will need to restart the firewall service for the changes to take effect.

1. Log on to your ISA Server.

2. Launch the ISA Server 2006 Console.

3. Select the Services Tab.

4. Right click on the Microsoft Firewall Service and select Stop.

5. After it completes, right click on the Microsoft Firewall Service again and select Start.

6. Point your web browser to the login page, and refresh your browser (F5) if necessary.

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