If you have seen a slow down in the number of blogs that I have been writing let me explain with the little information that I am allowed to finally release. Yesterday the Exchange team released a sneak peak video of OWA for Exchange Labs which is running the next version of Exchange code name E14.

Currently Exchange Labs is hosting about 3.5 million mailboxes running on Beta code of Exchange.

I have been working with Microsoft for over 1 year now on testing this product and have been eagerly awaiting the day that I am able to start provding the public with information about Exchange 14.

As for now I can pass on this video http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2009/01/13/450397.aspx

here is your first look at the OWA page in Exchange 14


As you can see in the video the Exchange team has been working heavily to provide Admin functions into OWA. When a user clicks the options button they are taken to /ECP (Exchange Control Panel)

One huge additions to the options is the ability of a user to update thier directory information like phone number, address etc.. the fields that a user can edit can be controlled.



Once a user has been delegated other permissions they will also be able to


1. Create distribution groups

2. Join distribution groups

3. Create mailboxes

4. Create mail contacts


Self or Org management

There are tons of additional changes to OWA but I can only reference a few at the moment.

I hope you like your sneak preview……..

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