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RPC Client Access service

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Updated 8/18/2010 One of the major changes with Exchange 2010 is related to the mapi end point. In all previous versions of Exchange the Outlook client (using mapi) would connect directly to an Exchange mailbox server, with Exchange 2010 the Outlook client will connect to an Exchange server running […]

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When unlimited is not unlimited

As with most people I am primarily an Outlook based user and only use  OWA for  quick access to my mailbox. Today one of the guys I work with was trying to send a 6mb attachment from OWA but kept getting the following error. My coworkers first reaction was  hey, why are the sending limits […]

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Iphone 3.1 released and users may have problems

Per the following article users that have an Iphone that is not a 3GS may not be able to sync when connected to Exchange 2007 SP1+ system due to the encryption policy.

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