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EMS and how big is my database

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Microsoft has provided a nice easy command to show you how large your current databases are,  this one line command can be pipped to a file or used in a report Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | fl name,databasesizes Name         : DB001 DatabaseSize : 141.8 GB (152,220,270,592 bytes)  Name         : DB002 DatabaseSize […]

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OWA- Exchange Control Panel (ECP)-Part2-features

In my last article I briefly touched on the fact that everything in Exchange 2010 is now controlled by EMS and RBAC and can be controled by creating custom roles and assigning them to users.  In this article I am going to go over the default view a user will see in ECP without any […]

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Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

Exchange 2007 has intrdouced a new scripting technology utizling powershell. Exchange management shell or EMS provides Exchange Admins the ability to perform any Exchange task from a command line. When I first starting working with EMS in early beta I faught it until I realized how easy it can be to perform tasks. Since I […]

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