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Exchange Genie Jr

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal All, I am sorry I have not written many posts lately, what you may not know is that I just had my first child a few weeks ago and have been living the new baby life.  The good news is I now have a little assistant that I have already […]

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Exchange 2007 SP2 RU2 released Exchange CXP team has released Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (KB 972076) to the download center.  In addition to bug fixes reported by customers we have added new rules to the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer to check the health of your system. Starting this rollup, customers who wish to […]

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EMS and how big is my database

Microsoft has provided a nice easy command to show you how large your current databases are,  this one line command can be pipped to a file or used in a report Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | fl name,databasesizes Name         : DB001 DatabaseSize : 141.8 GB (152,220,270,592 bytes)  Name         : DB002 DatabaseSize : 98.17 GB (105,412,362,240 bytes)

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Exchange 2010 RU1 released today

Today Mircosoft released its first rollup (RU1)  for Exchange 2010  One of the biggest advantages to RU1 is allowing functionality with RIMs BES servers, however RIM is suppose to release an MR1 soon for Exchange 2010 intergration that will be required on the BES servers Changes   RIM information to configure Exchange 2010 and BES […]

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RPC Client Access service

Updated 8/18/2010 One of the major changes with Exchange 2010 is related to the mapi end point. In all previous versions of Exchange the Outlook client (using mapi) would connect directly to an Exchange mailbox server, with Exchange 2010 the Outlook client will connect to an Exchange server running the CAS role as its mapi […]

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Exchange 2007 SP2 Released

I have been Beta testing Exchange 2007 SP2 for many months now along with Exchange 2010 and Microsoft has released the final product as of today. If you plan on deploying Exchange 2010 into your Exchange 2007 envrionment SP2 will be a requirement. Whats new:

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OWA- Exchange Control Panel (ECP)-Part2-features

In my last article I briefly touched on the fact that everything in Exchange 2010 is now controlled by EMS and RBAC and can be controled by creating custom roles and assigning them to users.  In this article I am going to go over the default view a user will see in ECP without any […]

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Exchange 2010 RC build released today

Today Microsoft has released an RC build of Exchange 2010 build 639.11, if you have used the earlier Beta there are a large number of changes to the product since the Feb Beta release.

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OWA 2010 Part2- Calendaring

As we work our way through the OWA web UI the next  stop will be the calendar. There hasnt been a large number of changes to this feature so you might ask why I decided to write an article about it? One of the major product enhancements is the ability to share ones calendar from […]

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User Delivery Reports and Exchange 2010

User Message Delivery Quite often users send emails and do not know what happens after they click the send button, did the message queue on the server, and was the message delivered. Exchange 2010 has provided users the ability to view delivery reports and track what has happened to their messages.   Once you have […]

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