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Hyper-V replica script

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Windows 2012 Hyper-V has a wonderful new feature called Hyper-V replica that will allow a Hyper-V host to replicate on a per Vm basis from one host to another providing an out of the box DR solution.  There are a number of way to enable replication on each VM […]

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Automate custom attributes

In my first post I created a script that checks a date value and sends an email to the owner and admin contact.  The script below can be used to set the contact info and expiration date of all VMs in a cloud.   $SetDate = (Get-Date).AddDays(+30) $Remove = Get-SCCustomProperty -name “Target Removal Date” $owner= […]

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How many mobile users do I have?

Below is a script that will run and get a report of how many user have used active sync to connec to thier mailbox. Please check against the screen shost as characters get lost in the post #Mobile Report#This script will get the number of user that have used mobile devices to #sync. There could […]

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How many users per mailbox database

This script prints out each database and gives a count of how many users on each database###clear-hostwrite-host -fore yellow “This script will get each mailboxdatabase and the current user count “foreach($name in get-mailboxdatabase){write-output “$name”$count=(get-mailbox -database $name).countif($count -eq $null){ write-host -fore red “Empty Database, no users”}else{ write-output $count }}write-host -fore yellow “The system has a total […]

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Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

Exchange 2007 has intrdouced a new scripting technology utizling powershell. Exchange management shell or EMS provides Exchange Admins the ability to perform any Exchange task from a command line. When I first starting working with EMS in early beta I faught it until I realized how easy it can be to perform tasks. Since I […]

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