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Exchange 2010 SP2 Released

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Yesterday Microsoft released the latested service pack for Exchange 2010 and as with most SP released a few new features have been added to the product. The most notable item is ABS – Adress book Segmentation which will allow via policy you to control which user can see each […]

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Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3 re-released Announcing the Re-release of Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 Update Rollup 3 (V3) On March 14th Microsoft posted an announcement to the EHLO blog about removing Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2010 SP1 due to an issue related to Blackberry devices. The Exchange Servicing team has fixed the reported issue with E2010 SP1 […]

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Exchange Masters Program

Have you ever considered taking the most intense Exchange training to become a Microsoft Cerified Master on Exchange? If so here is a nice 30 minute video on on some information you would see in that course.

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Archive Mailboxes and Outlook 2007

Exchange 2010 introduced that ability to provide a user an archive mailbox however this was only available in Outlook 2010 or OWA.  Microsoft later made an announcement to back port this feature into Outlook 2007 do to customer demand. Wait no longer, the December Outlook updates provide archive mailbox support for Outlook 2007 and more […]

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Exchange 2010 SP1 Released

Today Microsoft announced that Exchange 2010 SP1 has been released ( As with most service packs, Exchange SP1 has introduced a number of new features and improves on an already stable and scalable mail system.

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Exchange 2007 SP3 and Exchange 2010 SP1 password change feature

If you have been an administrator of an Exchange Server for a number of years you know there has been a few pain points related to OWA logon and expiring passwords.  I have managed system that we sent out regular system messages to the user before their password expired to remind them to change their […]

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Exchange 2010 SP1 Beta Released

Microsoft recently released a Beta build of Exchange 2010 SP1 located here , this is a solid build of SP1 however it is a Beta release so please deploy to your labs.

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Exchange 2010 SP1

Recently Microsoft acknowledge they have been working on  Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2010 and have started to release what feature improvements/enhancements that will be added in the service pack. More information can be found on the Exchange Team page located here

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EMS and how big is my database

Microsoft has provided a nice easy command to show you how large your current databases are,  this one line command can be pipped to a file or used in a report Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | fl name,databasesizes Name         : DB001 DatabaseSize : 141.8 GB (152,220,270,592 bytes)  Name         : DB002 DatabaseSize : 98.17 GB (105,412,362,240 bytes)

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Customizing ECP QuickLinks

Let me start out with this is not a supported item by Microsoft however is vary functional! Today in Exchange 2010 when a user logs onto OWA and selects the options button they are taken into what is now called the Exchange Control Panel or ECP which has added some functionality for users.  One problem […]

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