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Hyper-V replica script

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Windows 2012 Hyper-V has a wonderful new feature called Hyper-V replica that will allow a Hyper-V host to replicate on a per Vm basis from one host to another providing an out of the box DR solution.  There are a number of way to enable replication on each VM […]

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Automate custom attributes

In my first post I created a script that checks a date value and sends an email to the owner and admin contact.  The script below can be used to set the contact info and expiration date of all VMs in a cloud.   $SetDate = (Get-Date).AddDays(+30) $Remove = Get-SCCustomProperty -name “Target Removal Date” $owner= […]

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VMM and automatic notifications

For those that have managed VM envirionments for labs or whatever reason you may have found that you want some type of notication process to conatct users on a specific dates to either remove the VM or another reason.  A new feature of VMM 2012 provides the ability to create custom properties on each VM. […]

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EMS and how big is my database

Microsoft has provided a nice easy command to show you how large your current databases are,  this one line command can be pipped to a file or used in a report Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | fl name,databasesizes Name         : DB001 DatabaseSize : 141.8 GB (152,220,270,592 bytes)  Name         : DB002 DatabaseSize : 98.17 GB (105,412,362,240 bytes)

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Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

Exchange 2007 has intrdouced a new scripting technology utizling powershell. Exchange management shell or EMS provides Exchange Admins the ability to perform any Exchange task from a command line. When I first starting working with EMS in early beta I faught it until I realized how easy it can be to perform tasks. Since I […]

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